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Who we are

HopeReach is a non-profit organization, committed to alleviating human suffering. We work on projects that enhance the quality of life for those who are poor, or otherwise disadvantaged, placing emphasis on improving the lives of suffering women and children, irrespective of nationality or creed. We are committed to working with integrity and compassion.

What we do

Currently we partner with Relief Projects India to combat poverty and gender discrimination in a rural area of India. We work in the area of Usilampatti and surrounding villages, about 40 km from Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, South India. This is an impoverished area that was infamous a few years back for poisoning unwanted female babies. (Read more about gender discrimination in India here.) Whilst the problem with infanticide has greatly diminished, gender discrimination has not and in some cases, infanticide has been replaced with foeticide.

Latest Events

girls attending summer camp
Summer Camp for Village Children

Our annual summer camp for attendees of our free tuition centres was held in May for one week. Between 120-160 children attended each day to enjoy fun and educaional activities.

May 2018

new students at Mountain View School
New school year and new students
HIV awareness
HIV awareness program
Mother and baby
Mother's awareness program
construction of new classrooms
New Classrooms for school expansion

We need your help!

Sponsor a child's education.

Education is a way of escape from the vicious cycle of poverty and ill-health. Females can become income-earners and therefore less of an economic burden for families. Good education for boys is essential also if attitudes towards females are to change and families are to escape from extreme poverty.

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