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  • Interacting with impoverished village children during a children's day program

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HopeReach volunteers have been involved for many years in many social and humanitarian projects in several countries. They started working in India after the Tsunami of 2005, helping with reconstruction.

At this time, they became aware of the problem of female infanticide and the low status of females in general. The problem demanded action. They founded a local Indian non-profit Trust, Relief Projects India, which now works in partnership with HopeReachHopeReach founder, Lex Joseph Tincher is the executive project director of Relief Projects India, (RPI.)

When a home which rescues unwanted baby girls, the Mercy Home, asked us to help with a generator, our hearts were touched by the plight of these unwanted, abandoned babies, and we went on a mission to drastically improve the hygiene and standard of the nursery, to lower the death rate of the babies, and give them the best possible start in life, considering their circumstances. Friends pitched in and we started tiling and painting, and brought in many loads of supplies, and new hygiene practices; it caused a transformation.

With an abandoned baby

With and abandoned child  All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.


Next we set up the Little Darlings program for the handicapped toddlers who hadn’t been adopted. Loving care and excellent preschool activities transformed them into confident, bright youngsters. And when the government made efforts to find overseas parents for them, it was with great joy that we watched them go to new homes in Italy, France, Sweden and the United States; by then they were well-educated, speaking English, happy and as prepared as possible for their new life.

With an abandoned baby

With the Little Darlings

Once our work at the Mercy Home was finished, we decided to branch out and work among the villages where many of the unwanted female and handicapped babies were coming from. Our goal—bring health programs, education and awareness to improve the condition of women, children and families in these areas. We established the S•H•E program (Services, Health and Education) and for over 4 years now, we have conducted evening study centres for impoverished children, eye and medical camps, provided assistance to pregnant and new mothers, and held many awareness programs on much needed topics, such as TB, HIV, diabetes, hygiene, and value of the female.

In 2015, we completed the construction of a building which is to house both the SHE centre and a school to provide good education to the desperately poor—Mountain View School.

Mountain View School students

With the Little Darlings


HopeReach has a 'hands-on, grass roots' philosophy, so that we stay in touch with the needs, and closely oversee our work and projects. This helps to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, as well as ensure honesty at all stages of our work. We have a close contact with donors and supporters, and keep them updated with our progress; they have the satisfaction of seeing where their money goes and appreciating its effect..

Guiding Principles

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